Situational Awareness

Incident Management

Manage the incident with drag-and-drop icons for units and assignments, Tactics, People, Equipment, and Locations.

Automatic Tracking

As calls progress, Emergent documents all incident assignments and activities by connecting the trucks and work with incident command in real time.

Crew INtegration

Stream crew activity; division assignments, interior attack, ventilation, RIT, etc with equipment; SCBA, Cardiac Monitors, and live apparatus status.

Fleet Status

Real-time status of mission critical equipment: fuel status, water, aerial ops, and faults and alerts, right to the incident commander.

Automatic Reporting

At the end of a call, the app is ready to generate the call timeline and documentation, including a narrative, notes, and photos.

Experience-Based Design

Developed by Fire and Rescue professionals, the app is focused on firefighters, intuitive and instant to learn.