About emergentwhat drives us

A simple mission

Our number one mission hasn’t changed since we were founded, and we don’t see it changing anytime soon. We’re improving the safety and operational effectiveness of first responders with innovative frontline technology for enhanced safety and effectiveness.

Saving Lives

Our job, first and foremost. Departments across the nation trust us to help them organize emergency responses, and keep crews safe, while also carefully documenting the response to meet reporting requirements back at the station.

Streamlining Calls

Let our app simplify calls and responses to help your department focus on what's important in the moment.

Situational Awareness

Integrated with your CAD and personnel systems, Emergent's Tactical Board helps you stay on top of your fire scene by giving you a birds’-eye-view of your response.

Automatic Reporting

Our automatic data-collection technology can reduce hours of work down to seconds by automatically scanning and filling out a patient's information

Partners we work with

Take it from those with a lifetime of experience in the field. See how first responders from across the nation trust us in their day-to-day work.

Experience BuiltThrough and Through

Our team has decades in fire and rescue. That will shine through when you experience the ease-of-use and intuitive nature of Emergent.

Mike Roth
Rex Hughes
David Blankinship
Curt Thomas
Kimberly Duyck
Kelly Pithan
Gian Fiorenzo
Jared Morante

Experience BuiltThrough and Through

Extensive industry experience combined with a passion to save lives and support first responders drives this team. As experts in their respective fields united by a common goal, the Emergent team has the know-how and the drive to help departments do what they do best.

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