we deliver situational awareness in the Industry Standard Fire Incident Command Software

a bird's eyeview of all incidents

Use our fire incident command software to see the whole picture. The Emergent Tactical Board connects your calls, trucks, firefighters, and gear; and tracks every incident.

Stay on Task

Emergent gives you a Tactical Board for your command structure, tasks, tracking, and recording to simplify the incident and the report.

See the whole scene

Keep your people safe and where they need to be. Manage crews and tasks in real time with locations and assignments.

Automatically Record Events

Every command or action you give is automatically recorded, so at the end of the call all you have to do is hit end call, and an incident report is generated. Let us take care of clerical details like collecting patient info with automated-collection technology.

paperwork? Done.

Your department can say goodbye to tedious data collection, thanks to our automatic reporting technology.

Flexible enough to be thorough

Tools for managing fireground tactics, support for EMS calls, or even managing and integrating your fleet - we help departments with practical tools that firefighters actually like.

Share data easily

Save time with a built-in process designed to streamline sending patient information beyond your department.

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