NEWS: Allegiance Fire & Rescue Partners With Emergent

WALPOLE, Mass., June 20, 2024 ( - Emergent, fire and EMS software provider, welcomes Allegiance Fire & Rescue, a leading emergency vehicle dealership for Pierce MFG and Road Rescue for New England, to the Emergent Dealer Network. This strategic partnership provides advanced fleet management solutions to fire departments and first responders, enhancing fleet readiness and improving overall operational efficiency.

Fire departments face significant challenges in maintaining the readiness and reliability of their fleets. With the introduction of Emergent's Fleet Dashboard, Allegiance Fire & Rescue customers can now leverage real-time data and analytics to ensure their vehicles and equipment are always mission ready. The new offering is available for integration into both new vehicle systems and existing fleets.

"Emergent’s solutions are designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern fire departments," said Bill O’Connor, Vice President of Allegiance Fire & Rescue. "This partnership is very exciting to us; we want to continue with our added value propositions to our customer base and the most affordable price."

"We are thrilled to partner with Allegiance Fire & Rescue to bring our state-of-the-art fleet management, tactical fireground, and checklist solutions to fire departments across New England," said David Blankinship, President of Emergent. "Our software is designed to enhance operational efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness, enabling fire departments to respond to emergencies with unparalleled speed and reliability. By leveraging real-time fleet monitoring and advanced fireground support, we empower departments to make informed, data-driven decisions that ultimately save lives and resources. Together with Allegiance Fire & Rescue, we are committed to advancing public safety and supporting the heroic efforts of first responders in the New England emergency services market."

Allegiance Fire & Rescue and Emergent are committed to continuous innovation and improvement in fire department fleet management. This partnership marks a significant step forward in ensuring emergency response units can operate at peak efficiency and readiness.

For more information on how Allegiance Fire & Rescue and Emergent can enhance New England fire departments’ fleet management, please contact your Allegiance Fire & Rescue sales representative, or call 800-225-4808.

About Emergent

Emergent specializes in fleet management and incident response solutions, offering advanced telemetry integration for fleet vehicles and incorporated data from trucks and equipment. Information feeds into Emergent's Fleet Management Dashboards in real-time, providing a live overview for performance tracking, checklists, maintenance monitoring, and remote troubleshooting. Designed with Ops and Fleet in mind, Emergent ensures ease of use and reliability, keeping fleets up, in service, and safer while reducing the reporting time by 50%. Emergent is not just another software provider; we are your partner in safeguarding firefighters and the communities they serve.

About Allegiance Fire & Rescue

Allegiance Fire & Rescue is a premier provider of emergency vehicles and equipment, dedicated to serving the New England emergency services market. Authorized to represent Pierce Manufacturing, Road Rescue, and Skeeter Emergency Vehicles, the company is headquartered near Foxboro, MA, with nine locations throughout MA, VT, NH, and ME. Their commitment to excellence is evident in a full range of support that includes sales, parts, and service. Allegiance Fire & Rescue strives to build lasting relationships with their clients by providing unparalleled customer service and support at every interaction.

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